One-stop shop

This all-in-one solution will greatly simplify restaurant management, saving owners time and money.

CheckPay is essentially two apps that work together hand and hand.

 There is a guest side (CheckPay) and a restaurant side (CheckPay Restaurant)

The apps communicate with each other so guests can look at a restaurants:

  • Profile (Including wait time)
  • Real time restaurant reviews (These reviews are from guest in real time that leave them in the app. They are not pulled and used from Google.)
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Menu
  • Guest will be able to order their food directly from their phone and send it right to the kitchen (Dine-In and ToGo)
  • And pay for service directly from their phones

While restaurants can perform a variety of back-end tasks that cover all important everyday operations. Those back-end tasks and key features are:

  • Full control of creating menus and updating them in real time
  • Create profile and update it with wait time and location on the fly
  • Review, add comments, and post real time restaurant reviews.¬†
  • POS system that is updated in real time
  • Full control of kitchen display system that allows guest to send their orders from their phone to the kitchen (Dine-In and ToGo).
    • Kitchen display system (use iPad ONLY)
  • Staff management functionality
  • Ability to send itemized bills to guest and receive payments through the app
  • Marketing capabilities

NO need to buy equipment!!

With CheckPay, restaurant management will only need their cell phones or iPad.

Payments Processing

Accept payments with very fair Processing fees.