About Us

Here at CheckPay, we know that your passion is your food, and to make sure your guest’s experience is top-notch. With so many different methods and platforms to track, it is easy for you and your staff to become overly cumbersome. Our app provides a one-stop-shop for your guest and all of your restaurant management needs, including general management, marketing, and payment processing. 

Our Story

CheckPay was created and founded in 2019 with a clear mission: To seamlessly change the restaurant experience one cell phone at a time. How can our company provide the best solution to make the dining experience easier? We are proud to offer our all-in-one restaurant management app. Our app includes great features: payment processing, real-time menus, restaurant profiles, marketing, and much more. Here at CheckPay, we continue to listen to the consumers and restaurants to make sure we keep providing the best solution possible. 

Our Headquarters

Detroit, MI

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